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Entrevistas e artigos da Irmandade Metálica - Página 2 Empty Interview with Elisa “Over” De Palma (SPIDKILZ)

Mensagem por Admin 7/11/2013, 21:29

Entrevistas e artigos da Irmandade Metálica - Página 2 3540326241_logo

Over Speed

Por: Rui Vieira

Elisa “Over" De Palma is the lead singer of recent Italian project Spidkilz. As its name implies, the band practices a speed/thrash metal in the old-school vein with the voice of Elisa commanding the battalion. Old school warrior, Elisa doesn’t give up and continues her battle in the Italian underground scene where it is an active member, not only with her bands but also with her on-line store dedicated exclusively to old school genre. We sent some questions to the friendly Elisa who really wants to come to Portugal! Dear organizers, what are you waiting for?

Press play button and listen to Spidkilz while you scroll down and read this interview!

IM: Hello Elisa! First of all, I thank you kindly for answering this interview to the Portuguese forum Irmandade Metálica, in Italian, Fratellanza Metalica, I  think. Sorry for the Google translation... For the Portuguese metalheads who now have the first contact with your work and Spidkilz, I would ask you to start by making a short summary of your career.

Elisa: Hi Rui and hi all, thanks for giving me the opportunity to talk a little bit about my music and bands. I joined my first band in 1993, I was (accidentally!) at  keyboards, and year after year I changed lots of bands and experiences, which gave me more or less satisfaction, but always something to learn from. My most important  past bands were Brazen (all female, I was at guitar) in 1999-2001, White Skull (vocals) in 2007-2010 and of course my present band SPIDKILZ, which I founded in 2010  after the split from WS. I sing and also compose parts on guitar and then we arrange all the stuff together, and I can simply say, this is finally the perfect kind of  Metal for me!

IM: The main reason for this interview is Spidkilz, your new adventure. Explain to us how Spidkilz are born and what your goals were when you started outlining this  idea.

Elisa: I was thinking about my own thrash band since I was still in White Skull. I needed to express my music in my own way and with more free space. So, when I left  the band, I had all the free time to concentrate on this project. I already had some songs made by myself, they only needed good mates to be arranged and played, so after some researches I found the right people. The main goal was simply share our music, in the our own way: no compromises, no pressure, no shitty situations, only  good feelings and thrash!

Entrevistas e artigos da Irmandade Metálica - Página 2 3540326241_photo

IM: Do you think Spidkilz are the fruit of years of hard work and bands and now condense everything here, from epic heavy, to thrash and speed and with a melodic  touch, almost folk?

Elisa: Yeah I think every band you play helps you in growing musically and gives you something good, even when it ends in a bad way. As I said, I played in many bands,  but my real and deepest love in Metal is Heavy/Thrash (in the 80’s they used to call it “american power metal”). It hadn’t been easy to find people who love this  genre, through the years, that’s also why I played in different bands and with different styles. But I repeat, in Metal this is my real dimension and I feel really  good.

IM: Spidkilz have released "The Ultra Demo" in 2011 and now the album "Balance Of Terror" in 2013. How has been the reception to your debut album? I imagine  great...

Elisa: Yes, “B.O.T.” has been a good start for us, and we had all good reviews and comments, nothing negative since now... and I hope it will go on like this, hehe! By  the way this was very important for us and helped us in getting closer each others, I mean the band members. This helped a lot in giving our own identity and self- confidence in this project. I really pray it will go on in this good way for a lot of time!

Entrevistas e artigos da Irmandade Metálica - Página 2 SAM_3148

SPIDKILZ "The Ultra Demo" 2011

1. Fear of Death
2. I Will Crush You
3. In Tears
4. Fashion
5. The Distance

IM: And what about your label LA Riot Survivor Recs, how the connection appeared? Are you happy with their work? (It was by LA that I got to know Spidkilz...)

Elisa: I was very happy when the label contacted me about the release of Balance Of Terror. I knew Anthony since we played together (with Fingernails) in Rome some  years ago, when I was in White Skull, and we stayed in touch somehow... so it’s very cool working together now, and having a good connection and communication. The  guys are running the label at their best and I’m sure we’ll all take the good outcome of their work. Of course we got also this interview thanks to the label, so this  is just great!

Entrevistas e artigos da Irmandade Metálica - Página 2 15635_label

LA Riot Survivor Records

IM: I think Spidkilz have the flame of thrash/speed old school but do not hold only to those styles, so to speak. I think the band adds something more, and I  personally think it's a very good formula. Do you agree?

Elisa: Sometimes it’s not easy to define your own music... you just compose what you feel and play it at your best! So I realize it’s not just standard classic thrash  and speed, but if you ask me where comes the rest... I don’t know, hehe. Maybe, as I said, it’s just the result of different experiences, mixed with personal  inspiration and classic heavy/thrash. If you free your limits in music and art, you can reach better your personal character, I think. Anyway, melody in vocals (but  also in riffing!) is very important for me, that’s maybe why  it goes a bit far from some thrash stuff.

Entrevistas e artigos da Irmandade Metálica - Página 2 367300

SPIDKILZ "Balance of Terror" 2013

1. Beware of the Speed
2. I Will Crush You
3. In Event of Fire
4. Protection
5. In Tears
6. Motorhome
7. Insomnia
8. The Distance
9. Balance of Terror

IM: Well, there is one subject on the new album that I inevitably have to touch. The song that opens “Balance of Terror” (Beware of the Speed) is dedicated to your  deceased sister Monica. Can you tell us when and what happened exactly? If you do not want to talk about the subject, I understand perfectly.

Elisa: Thanks for this question. For years I didn’t feel to talk about this sad experience in my life, and also my parents, after the accident, didn’t want to talk  about my sister anymore, my father still doesn’t... I think this is some kind of protection from such a deep pain. But then I realized this is not right, not for me,  nor for her: dead people once were exactly like us, they lived, they did things, had dreams, they had their stories and lives: so, it’s their right to be remembered  and recalled. I am who I am also thanks to my sister, she was 5 years older than me and she taught me lots of things, and also helped me in being stronger and more  brave in life, facing my fears. So I want the world to know that she did exist and lived, and I want to think about her every day. And the speed... yes the title is  also a play on words (as well as our moniker): she died in a car accident because of the high speed of the driver... so take care guys, don’t play with fire and never  think you’ll never die, because it’s so easy, especially by car!

IM: I think it’s important and of great intelligence to write and alert to something like road accidents and not only fantasy topics though thrash always played a  social intervention role rather like punk, both styles are connected. The road accidents rate in Portugal is still very serious though has been declining over the  years but authentic atrocities are still being committed on Portuguese roads. How is the scenario in Italy? I heard that at roundabouts was madness and save yourself  if you can!

Elisa: Right, road accidents are the pain of these days. Too many mad drivers, drunk drivers, silly people who just believe they’re immortal... but this is so stupid.  Also Italy counts a big number of car accidents, and when you don’t die it may happen you can’t walk anymore or something like that. Media should work more and better  about this problem, in particular for young people... streets are not a videogame and you have only 1 bonus life, keep it!

Entrevistas e artigos da Irmandade Metálica - Página 2 43193_artist

IM: Can you speak a little more about other topics in your lyrics?

Elisa: Many songs are just the result of my personal thoughts about my experiences with people in life: I like reflecting on what happens to me, also trying to do  better in the future, and often my songs sound like a relief valve from pressure or from bad people. But I talked about another social disaster, right in the title  track “Balance of Terror”: violence on women. It’s incredible how also in these days, year 2013, women have to suffer and to undergo terrible treatments from their  men! Violence is everywhere, I can see... but we should have the courage to take position against it and fight for our self-respect.

IM: Talking about your live activity, I’ve noticed that Spidkilz plays very often in Italy and have already been in France, Holland and Germany. There are plans to  run Europe on a tour or something?

Elisa: Of course we would love it! It’s not as easy, honestly, also due to work reasons, but if someone would ever help us in making this possible, we’d do our best to  manage it. After all we are a “new” band: our name is not on the metal scenes since many years, we cannot pretend that it’s easy to be called abroad, so we have to  work in order to share our name and music as much as possible, step by step.

Entrevistas e artigos da Irmandade Metálica - Página 2 Original_big_elisa12212_de_palma_2_600xfree

IM: Do you know Portugal? Have you been here in vacations or other? We have some very good festivals like the very well known Steel Warriors Rebellion (SWR) in  Barroselas, in northern Portugal, Santa Maria Summer Fest (SMSF) in the south (Beja), Butchery at Christmas Time (BACT) in Covilhã or the Vagos Open Air (V:O:A) in  Aveiro, among many others that appear and disappear.

Elisa: I’ve never been in Portugal, I just went to Spain in vacations many years ago. I’m happy to know about your local metal scene and festivals, I will take a look  at them! Who knows, one day... hehe.

IM: If I or any promoter wants to arrange a couple of dates with you around here in Portugal, what we have to do? Ideally would be Spidkilz to play a Friday and a  Saturday night and a Sunday afternoon to be a big weekend, right? An Iberian mini-tour would be great!

Elisa: Yeah, weekend playing in Portugal would be great! If any promoter would be so kind to be interested in our stuff, he could write us at: and  we’d love to talk about it.

Entrevistas e artigos da Irmandade Metálica - Página 2 Spidkilz_1_1372930125

IM: Do you exchange correspondence with bands here, people, etc?

Elisa: Strange, but I don’t have any direct contact in Portugal, but I have some customers from my mail-order Over-Zone!

IM: Beyond Spidkilz, you have your solo work as Elisa Over in acoustic mode. I already had the opportunity to listen to some songs and I conclude you have an  amazing versatility. In summary, you make it loud and electric when you want, play acoustic guitar, banjo and keyboards and you got an extraordinary melody in your  voice. You can’t be limited only to (good) noise, right? Tell us a bit more about Elisa Over project.

Elisa: I’m really happy about this question and also that you checked some of my acoustic previews. Yes, before metal I come from the acoustic guitar, since I was  young. I started learning at about 17, my sister’s boyfriend used to teach me and he was so kind and cute with me, like a patient older brother. So, acoustic guitar  links me to special good feelings from my past. I used to compose songs through the years but I never thought about recording them seriously since now. For this solo  project I arranged some of the old songs and composed brand new ones, and now the album is ready to be pressed (again by L.A. Riot Survivor Records!) in December and  consists of 11 tracks. I played it all by my own, I’m not such a virtuoso of the guitar, but I don’t care, this is a great satisfaction for me, anyway.

Entrevistas e artigos da Irmandade Metálica - Página 2 Elisa_over_acoustic

IM: Furthermore, you manage your online store Over-Zone. I assume you're in concerts and festivals too... How’s the business going so far? And how can you manage it  all? It’s a life totally dedicated to the cause, I presume.

Elisa: I realize my life goes all around Metal and music... and that’s exciting! But I don’t attend festivals with the store since many years, because I had serious  problems on my back and I’ve been operated 3 times now... so it became too much hard for me to go around with the stuff, with all heavy things to move, standing many  hours and so on... I only run it on-line but it’s quite good anyway.

Entrevistas e artigos da Irmandade Metálica - Página 2 Head_hunters_over_zone_copy

IM: Speaking of something more general how is the underground scene in Italy? Personally, I don’t know many bands from Italy. We’ll always have the great Bulldozer!  Do you have a good circuit for bands to play, festivals, etc? Can you name some values (bands) that you think they have great potential and are emerging in the Italian  underground scene?

Elisa: After several years of depression (I talk about classic metal and thrash), Italy came back with many young bands in the last 3-4 years, so the scene got back  with more activity and fervor. I just hope this won’t be kind a  temporary wave, but we’ll know it just in the next years. In general, playing live gigs in Italy is  not as easy now, because of too many taxes, small number of clubs and many greedy people... but we don’t surrender. As for my job (in my mailorder I also produce and  offer merchandising for bands), I know many italian bands, but I can name Killers Lodge, Alltheniko, Game Over, Etrusgrave, Ultra-Violence...

IM: You are an old-school warrior and you saw the many changes in the metal scene and music in general. How do you compare this cyber era and the times when hearing  or having an LP was almost a victory? What are the strong and the week points you would name to these times?

Elisa: Ohh this is a nice question. I can really say, once we couldn’t reach all the music and bands that we can now, with Internet, Youtube, etc... but bands you  reached after much effort went straight to your heart and you can surely still remember something about them. Now... too easy, too quick, too shallow! You find bands,  listen to bands, too many bands, and then you forget the name after a few days... you don’t have to wait for your friend to lend you the tape, the vinyl, etc... like  all the things conquered with passion and effort, we can still love old bands and link memories to every old tape and vinyl, but what could be linked to a Mp3 or to a  quick listen on Youtube?

Entrevistas e artigos da Irmandade Metálica - Página 2 Elisa2

IM: And Berlusconi? Do you think he likes metal? There is a famous picture with him making the devil horns, ahah!!!

Elisa: Hahaha, I didn’t expect a question like this! No no, he’s surely not Metal. Those horns were just a symbol of superstition against bad luck. But after all, I  must say we’re having one of the worst political periods in the Italian history, and very bad politicians at the moment, and the crisis gets worse every day.

IM: Before ending this interview, if you want to share with us, tell us a motto that guides you in your day to day and in your life in general.

Elisa: I’m trying to be strong and find my strength every day, ‘cause life sometimes is really hard, but after all it’s always wonderful and I want to live it in the  deepest way I can. In this period I like to think about this image: when all seems to be against me, and after I have really done all that I could, to solve situations  and reach my goals, but life doesn’t want to help me anyhow, well at this point I only have to sit for a while, under an imaginary tree... and wait... because I don’t  reach anything if I go against life... I only have to be helped by life itself, and the right way will come in front of my eyes in a natural way. I don’t know if this  can help you guys, but it surely helps me when panic seems to get too near and I need to get calm and relaxed.

IM: Well Elisa, the interview has been long and for now it’s all. Once again I thank your kindness and I sincerely hope you can come soon to Portugal! Surely that  you will be very well received! I'll be there in the front row! Can you leave a final message for Irmandade Metálica metalheads and people who will read this  interview?

Elisa: I really thank you for all, especially for your questions which are different from the usual and very interesting. If we’ll ever come to Portugal, I’ll be very  happy to share music and drink a beer together, in good metal brotherhood with you and your friends! I say hello to all the readers of Irmandade Metálica and I can  only say: let’s keep Metal alive all over the world, because since we are metalheads, we’re all like in the same big country, with no distance and no boundaries!

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5 All Time Records

1. Piece of Mind - Iron Maiden
2. Feel the Fire - Overkill
3. Blue Oyster Cult - Agents Of Fortune
4. The Dark - Metal Church
5. Blackout - Scorpions

5 All Time Bands

1. Iron Maiden
2. Overkill
3. Metal Church
4. Scorpions
5. Nuclear Assault

5 All Time Vocalists

1. Bruce Dickinson
2. Bobby Blitz Ellsworth
3. Ronny James Dio
4. Klaus Meine
5. David Wayne

Latest Discoveries

1. Ghost

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Elisa Over "Black Nightmare"


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Entrevistas e artigos da Irmandade Metálica - Página 2 Empty Entrevista com Tozé Cerdeira (THE COVEN)

Mensagem por Admin 13/11/2013, 23:23


Regresso ao Futuro

Por: Rui Vieira

Os The Coven foram uma das bandas mais marcantes do cenário metálico português embora a sua duração tenha sido curta assim como os seus trabalhos que se resumem a uma primeira demo de dois temas e à fantástica demo de 1989 "Into The Future". Enviámos umas perguntas ao guitarrista e fundador Tozé Cerdeira que teve a amabilidade de nos transportar numa viagem bastante interessante aos primórdios do metal luso e desvendar um pouco mais sobre esta grande banda. Como bónus ainda recebemos o logo actualizado de The Coven!

Idea Carrega no play e ouve The Coven enquanto fazes scroll down e lês a entrevista!

IM: Antes de mais, quero agradecer-te pela disponibilidade em responder a estas questões. Começo por perguntar-te como te iniciaste no mundo do metal?
TC: Tudo começou com a prenda da guitarra eléctrica que o meu pai me deu aos 14 anos. Nessa altura comprei uns livros de Beatles e Supertramp e comecei a praticar os acordes dessas músicas. Depois veio a paixão pelos The Shadows e por aí iniciei os primeiros solos de guitarra. Quando dei por mim, estava a tocar solos de Santana e Gary Moore. O interesse pelo som rock começou nesta altura e o “velho” Cerdeira (pai) ofereceu-me o álbum “Back in Black” dos ACDC e foi aqui que começou o meu interesse pelo rock/metal pois logo de seguida o baixista Eduardo “Osga” Casacão apresentou-me Iron Maiden.

IM: Quando é que pensaste, "Bem, está na hora de começar a fazer barulho..."? Quando é que os The Coven começaram a ganhar forma?
TC: Eu já tocava umas guitarradas nessa altura e conheci o Jorge “Xepa” Costa (baterista) que tinha uma bateria. Ambos tínhamos a pretensão de fazer uma banda e como gostávamos de metal (o Jorge era fã de Ozzy) começámos a pensar arranjar um baixista. Nessa altura, o Sérgio tocava baixo e tinha uma churrasqueira mesmo ali ao pé da minha loja de discos. Fomos apresentados e começámos a ensaiar uns covers. Entretento, verificámos que o Sérgio cantava muito bem e decidimos adicionar um baixista, o Eduardo “Osga”. Por outro lado, o “Xepa” já tinha tocado com um guitarrista amigo dele, o João Matos. O resultado foi a formação da banda The Coven.

Entrevistas e artigos da Irmandade Metálica - Página 2 Logo_the_coven

IM: E os primeiros ensaios? Quais as linhas que definiram para as vossas músicas e as vossas influências na altura? Que bandas que vos fascinavam?
TC: No início tínhamos combinado ficar dentro do Heavy Metal, um estilo do género Iron Maiden, Metallica, Helloween e Judas Priest.

IM: Não sei se estás ao corrente mas a demo "Into the Future" goza de bastante culto no meio underground português sendo uma raridade altamente cobiçada. Como foram as gravações com Manuel Cardoso nos estúdios Midi, enfim, todo o processo de gravação durante aquelas sete noites? Atribulado?
TC: As gravações correram bem, para nós foi um sonho tornado realidade, “miúdos” já em estúdio a gravar uma demo. Lembro-me que ficávamos a gravar até às duas da matina, penso que tenho fotos dessas noites. Foi memorável!

Entrevistas e artigos da Irmandade Metálica - Página 2 IMG_0005

Entrevistas e artigos da Irmandade Metálica - Página 2 TAPE

THE COVEN "Into The Future" 1989

Lado A
Into The Future
Watch Out

Lado B
Madman (Get Out Of My Way)
L.S.D. (Live Is Slave Of Death)

Sabes quantas demos chegaram a produzir e vender?
TC: Bem, isso não sei bem, talvez o Duarte Dionísio saiba, mas umas 1000.

IM: Esta é inevitável: És daqueles que fizeram a demo e hoje não a tem?!
TC: Por acaso eu tenho uma cópia e algumas gravações que fizemos na garagem. Pretendo ainda agarrar em tudo e fazer uma masterização. Existem ainda originais que não foram editados “MUITO BONS” (pois já estávamos mais maduros) gravados no concerto do Fogueteiro onde actuaram, pela primeira vez, os “miúdos” RAMP!

IM: E costumas ouvir as malhas de vez em quando? Ainda te lembras dos riffs?
TC: Lamento, não me lembro de nada. Mas há quatro anos atrás disse ao Jorge “Drums” para regravarmos tudo, mas depois não foi avante. Está na gaveta...

IM: A vossa cena ali no Seixal e Almada foi muito forte nos anos 80. Que razões achas que estiveram na origem para terem surgido tantas e tão boas bandas naquela zona em concreto? The Coven, Thormenthor, R|A|M|P, Procyon, Silent Scream, Braindead, etc? Teve a ver com uma certa classe do operariado (sendo vocês os filhos) predominante naquele lugar, uma forma de vocês quererem abanar o establishment, uma nova forma de afirmar alguma modernidade de estar e de pensamento?
TC: Não penso que tenha nada a ver com “classe operária”. Para mim (The Coven) foi um gosto pessoal que todos tínhamos de fazer e tocar música. A circunstância proporcionou-se e fizemos a banda por amor ao Heavy Metal!!!

Entrevistas e artigos da Irmandade Metálica - Página 2 Banda_1

IM: Ainda te lembras da vossa estreia "a sério" no Fogueteiro com Thormenthor, Braindead e Procyon já com o management do Duarte Dionísio? Podes descrever o ambiente geral sentido nesse dia e durante a vossa actuação?
TC: Sinceramente não me lembro bem desse concerto. Lembro-me mais do outro que fizemos com RAMP, Mortífera e NAM.

IM: Como recordas o trabalho do Duarte Dionísio e a sua Contacto?
TC: O Duarte já era meu amigo (vizinho) muito antes de tudo começar. Acho até que fui eu que o convidei para ser manager da banda, era tudo muito trivial. Para mim, de um modo geral, ele fez um bom trabalho para a época.

IM: Vocês andaram pelo país juntamente com os Alkateya a promover a demo com a intitulada "Tour Of The Future". Podes contar-nos uma ou mais histórias que recordes para sempre? Boas ou más, como queiras...
TC: Fizemos alguns concertos que correram muito bem, lembro-me, claro, do mosh onde por vezes se atiravam de cima do palco para o público e depois “partiam-se” todos no chão. Menos bom, lembro-me de um cab*** ter posto os pés em cima de um monitor e fod** o altifalante. Pior ainda, andávamos com uma carrinha velha de caixa aberta com o material e “claro”, um dia tivemos de andar a empurrar a carrinha pois não pegava. Velhos tempos!!!

Entrevistas e artigos da Irmandade Metálica - Página 2 IMG_0008

IM: Os The Coven tinham um grande potencial, com a banda a ser eleita a 3ª melhor em 1989 e a música "Into The Future" votada como a melhor desse ano e ainda com a "Watch Out" em 4º lugar, mas a banda acabou por durar pouco tempo. O que se passou afinal?
TC: No geral a banda pretendia seguir a linha do Heavy Metal puro, mas por essa altura começou a aparecer o thrash metal que o Sérgio gostava. Houve então algumas divergências, por isso, e numa primeira vez, o Sérgio saiu da banda. Depois entrou o Victor Matos (irmão do João “GT” Matos”), continuámos, mas a cena já foi a mesma e não me lembro bem as razões de fundo mas acabámos a banda. Digo-te hoje com “emoção” que fiquei/estou muito arrependido disso ter acontecido.

IM: Após o fim dos The Coven, continuaste ou tentaste seguir com mais algum projecto? O Sérgio seguiu com as bandas de bares e mais recentemente com os Re:aktor.
TC: Não, em termos de originais nunca mais tive outro projecto. Sempre fui muito objectivo nas coisas que fiz e que faço. Eu vivo da música “em Portugal” e temos de tocar outros tipos de música para facturar, se não, não pagas as contas. Já nessa altura eu tinha essa visão e sempre fiz outras bandas de bares que tiveram um sucesso relativo. Depois comecei a fazer música ao vivo em bares pelo distrito de Setúbal e hoje estou dedicado ao fado. Mas bandas nunca mais tive. Agora estou “cota” mas talvez ainda me junte com eles para curtir um Metal, não sei… temos todos as nossas vidas familiares.

IM: Esta também é obrigatória perguntar a alguém da velha-guarda como tu! Que diferenças ou paralelos estabeleces entre os tempos que viveste (80's) e os dias de hoje no que diz respeito a divulgação, intensidade, oportunidades, irmandade, etc?
TC: Bem esta resposta dá pano para mangas…

ANTES: Para gravar uma demo era um problema com fitas e cassetes.
HOJE: Qualquer PC grava com relativa qualidade uma demo ou um disco em casa.

ANTES: Fazias a divulgação em jornais ou fanzines e distribuías a nível local ou nacional.
HOJE:  Hoje fazes “brutas” reportagens digitais com fotos a cores e divulgas para o mundo inteiro.

ANTES: Para aprenderes a tocar era pelo vizinho ou por revistas.
HOJE: Hoje tens tudo na palma da mão, vídeos e áudio, aprendes tudo o que quiseres.

ANTES: Andávamos atrás das gajas!
HOJE: Hoje em dia já tive convites de gajas para ir para a cama!

Em resumo, hoje está tudo muito mais facilitado por um lado, mas como todos temos as mesmas oportunidades, tambem é mais difícil vingar, pois existe muito mais concorrência. Mas sou da opinião que estamos bem melhor nos dias de hoje, musicalmente falando.

Entrevistas e artigos da Irmandade Metálica - Página 2 88_89

(esq. para a dir.) Eduardo “Osga” (baixo), Tozé Cerdeira (guitarra), Sérgio Duarte (voz), João Matos (guitarra) e Jorge Costa (bateria)

IM: Continuas a acompanhar a cena metálica portuguesa? Se sim, e tirando os Moonspell, que nomes e/ou factos destacarias como tendo um papel importante nos dias de hoje e/ou bastante promissor para o futuro?
TC: Lamento, a minha vida deu diversas voltas e dentro da música não sei “nada” do que se passa pelo panorama do metal nacional nem internacional. Há a salientar o facto que, derivado à facilidade de se gravar “diariamente”, existem novas bandas, novos sons, o que torna impossível estares actualizado. A realidade é que hoje um puto que queira aprender a tocar um instrumento bem, tem 90% de probabilidades de o conseguir melhor do que qualquer um de nós no nosso tempo, ou seja, hoje há por aí muita gente a tocar bem.

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IM: Continuas ligado à música como professor de guitarra. Para quem não te conhece e até queira contactar, onde te poderá encontrar?
TC: Eu hoje toco diariamente em Alfama guitarra portuguesa. Mas continuo diariamente a ensinar METAL na minha escola de música Para me contactarem está lá tudo!

IM: E uma nova banda de metal? Já não tens idade para loucuras, eheh?!
TC: Não, uma nova banda de metal não, terei sim muito gosto em voltar a reunir os The Coven. Aliás, estou sempre a desafiar o Jorge “Drums” para nos juntarmos, pois sei que daí era um “passo” para juntar o “Osga” e o João Matos “Piçon” e quem sabe, talvez o Sérgio, que é o mais difícil.

IM: Caro Tozé, últimas palavras para o pessoal que vai ler esta entrevista e muito obrigado, mais uma vez!
TC: Tenho a dizer que fico muitíssimo feliz por saber que depois de tantos anos ainda esteja “actual” a música que os The Coven faziam. Não vou morrer sem voltar a gravar as músicas todas com uma sonoridade actual, talvez perca esse sabor dos 80’s, mas fica melhor. Não estou actualmente no panorama Metal, mas não quer dizer que na sala de estar lá de casa não se ouça Metallica, Maiden, Dream Theater, Satriani, Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert e outros que tenho em DVD e áudio. Ou seja, na realidade, no meu coração estarão sempre as minhas raízes: o Heavy Metal.

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