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Grog/Roadside Burial/PussyVibes 2010

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Grog/Roadside Burial/PussyVibes 2010 Empty Grog/Roadside Burial/PussyVibes 2010

Mensagem por Logus Vile 8/9/2010, 14:58

Independentemente de fazer parte duma das bandas, acho que este split merece umas "críticas & comentários" da vossa parte. Deixo aqui já algumas palavras dirigidas ao lançamento retirado de vários sites internacionais.

Australia’s Grindhead Records tends not to fuck around when it comes to releasing unhinged grind and nasty death. More often than not what you get is a quality product that stinks of steaming entrails and sounds like a ritualistic jackhammer party on the skulls of the weak and the posing. This three-way self-titled split from Portugal’s GROG and PUSSYVIBES and Australia’s own ROADSIDE BURIAL offers a robust collection of 21 songs of grindcore and death metal, often blended to ensure permanent brain spraining and nerve fraying.
GROG offers a relatively unique brand of schizoid grind and death metal, moving into thrashier territory on “Ass Sapiens” and ending with a deathly cover of NUCLEAR ASSAULT’s “New Song.” In addition to the obligatory “Intro” and the straight nuttiness of “Fellowship of the Shaved Balls” come two songs in “Alive & Bottled” and “Vaginal Teen Grind Fluids Makes us Groove” that feature prominent bass popping, dissonant licks, and an appealingly peculiar sense of timing.

The Aussies in ROADSIDE BURIAL sound more Spanish than anything in death/grind terms, reminiscent of the likes of AVULSED; that is, when they aren’t sounding like the demon spawn of early Stockholm death and IMPETIGO. In other words, the mix works. Vocalist Karkuss at times delivers in a vein similar to that of CARDIAC ARREST’s Adam Scott (most notably on “Shack of Amputation”), while the groove factor, guitar tone, and sickening buzz make for a death-gasmic experience. Props go to “Med Head” for the wildly effective tempo variation.

Rounding out the split are six tracks from the interestingly named PUSSYVIBES that remind of early CARCASS and DEAD INFECTION, occasionally interrupted for bouts of traditional grindcore. This is grind that swings and, once again, grooves with a vocal treatment that gurgles and pukes with aplomb. One particularly crushing tempo shift during “Devil Girls from Mars” is worthy of many return visits.

It is a close contest between these PUSSYVIBES and ROADSIDE BURIAL for champion of the split and I’ve still not decided on a winner, which is to take nothing away from GROG. In fact, that so much thought goes into deciding on a favorite says a great deal about the worthiness of this release. One of the better split presentations I’ve heard this year, the chances of going wrong with this sucker are slim.


brand new 3 way split from a few of the most asskicking gore/porn/grind bands on the scene...i fucking love this release! Grog starts it off with 6 tracks of killer gore/porngrind and their last track is a Nuclear Assault cover song which totally blew me away, caught me by surprise, and then caused me to reminisce for a moment on how awesome thrash used to be and how awesome Danny Lilker still Nuclear Assault fans out there know what im talkin about...anyway, so next comes the murderous goregrind stylings of Roadside Burial...i have to admit i wasn't too familiar with this band before this release but they fucking rule...really good groovy, heavy, hardcore riffs and nice deathy vocals...i thought it was great...and finally we have, last, but certainly not least, one of my favorite porno/gore/sci fi grind bands (see an earlier post) the mighty PussyVibes! how awesome are these guys? they write songs about martian bitches that will rape yeah, pretty fucking awesome...all of their tracks on this release have to do with martians, particularly of the female persuasion...i really liked the track 'Devil Girls From Mars'...the band had posted that song on their myspace page prior to releasing the album and once i heard it, i knew i had to have this shit...3 ways don't get much better than this...unless you're in an actual 3 way with like real women and stuff...that might be a little better, but we all know that shit ain't gonna happen so you might as well throw on this 3 way split and rock out with your cock out...stroll out with your pole out...hang out with your wang out...jam out with your ram get the picture.


Grindhead Records is frantically frothing at the mouth to unhinge the utterly destructive 3 way split between Grog, Roadside Burial and Pussy Vibes. Two of Portugals finest have teamed up with one of Australia’s death/grind heavy weights to produce a decimating slab of blasting insanity.

Gorg starts these intense proceedings. These seasoned grindcore stalwarts have been around since 1991 and are at the forefront of the Portugal extreme scene. Their earlier material had more of a straight forward grindcore approach but throughout their career consisting of over 8 releases, they have incorporated more tech and brutal death influences – think Gridlink meets early Morbid Angel and Origin. This matured, tight and ferocious sound is no more evident than on the 5 intense ear blasting tracks and one absolutely shredding cover of Nuclear Assaults track "New Song". Grog have delivered in every possible way. In Grog we grind!

Next up on the chopping board are Sydney’s own purveyors of crushing sludged-out death grind, Roadside Burial. Already having 2 splits under their belts with Corpsickle and Exhibit A and featuring members of Volatile, Bludgeoner, Fuck Oath and Miscreation. Roadside Burial has upped the ante big time on their 9 tracks of their Napalm Death / Terrorizer inspired death/grind. And for the first time with organic bowel quaking drums care of Macca of Granny Fist. The crunching violent guitars, gut wrenchingly distorted bass and deep guttural vocals have now made Roadside Burial into one massively heavy obliterating grindcore monster.

Last but not least comes another one of Portugals immensely killer grind units in the name of PussyVibes. These deranged men of porno loving, gore-laden, ass-kicking grindcore have been schooled in the fine art of bulldozing groovy grind madness. Influences such as Dead Infection, Regurgitate, Cock and Ball Torture and Blood Duster will give you the exact impression of where these pussy obsessed mental gore merchants are coming from. Their extraterrestrial themed tracks of beyond catchy groovy gore grind are coupled with a double vocal attack of pitch shifted gargling growls, ear piercing grunts and tight powerful compositions have insured PussyVibes to finish off the split in style! Girls not included.


e agora as vossas... Wink

Logus Vile

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