Portugueses aNgreNOST assinam contrato com a Aural Music

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Portugueses aNgreNOST assinam contrato com a Aural Music

Mensagem por Agent em 19/9/2013, 01:46

Os portugueses aNgreNOST assinaram contrato com a Aural Music - Code666. O álbum de estreia “Planet Muscaria” está planeado para sair no fim deste mês.

Code666 comenta:

"A genuine and desperate scream of venomous un-life, sucked into a very bad trip to the Gates of Hell and beyond. aNgreNOST was formed in 1995 by Pursan and Ainvar (Sirius). The only release by the band was the EP 'Evil,' released on MCD by Andromeda Creations (Portugal) in 1997, which was very well received by the public. After this release, in 1998, due to all-kind of extreme auto-destructive behaviors, Pursan collapses and leaves the band. 12 years later Pursan re-activates aNgreNOST, this time without Ainvar and with 2 new members: Erdsaf and E. (Wavelength:Satan).

"The concept of aNgreNOST and Planet Muscaria are entwined. It is the raw testimony of someone who took the human condition to its most extreme state: dark, miserable self-destructive… and survived. Intravenous overdoses, psychotic outbreaks, NDEs and bad trips. Detox clinics, psychiatric asylums, hospitals and police stations. Addiction and extreme abuse of hard drugs and hallucinogens. aNgreNOST is not about fantasies or poetry. It’s real, and Planet Muscaria is the mirror of these experiences. Black metal in its most pure and genuine form."


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